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Cura app is available on 

Apple App and Google Play store

Cura app is available on Apple App and Google Play store

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How we help

How we help

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Enterprise AI Assist

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*Rolling contract

You will receive instructions on how to active the app in an email after purchase.


  • Clerking's
  • Clinic letters
  • Ward rounds
  • Operative notes
  • Discharge summaries

Yes, all data is encrypted in transit and not retained. Cura Assist is fully GDPR compliant with industry-leading security.

Cura Assist does not retain any personal data.


Dr Rodwan Husein

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr Yousef Amar

CTO & Co-Founder

Dr Usman Khalid

CMO & Co-Founder

Yousuf Tareen

CPO & Co-Founder

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